Our Story


In late 2017, we set off to build a new and unique swimwear brand that would go back to the basics "Simple Sexy Style". We believed that a minimalist "timeless" aesthetic was much more natural and beautiful. Two partners set off to build this brand from the Caribbean to the World.

'Arise' + 'Alma' = 'Arima' 

We wanted to blend in our Spanish flavor into the brand so we chose the word 'Alma', having the Latin meaning of 'the soul' and usually meaning 'kind' and 'loving', and combined it with 'arise', to rise or ascend.

We found this name to be very fitting as it perfectly represents our mission.

Our mission is to inspire women to appreciate their beautiful uniqueness, growing strong and confident...TO BLOOM LIKE A FLOWER!

Arima Swim hit the fashion scene in 2018 with our styles that are already loved by many. We are a young brand that will continue to grow and inspire women to feel their sexiest and tackle the world head on.


Rooftop Set 


We hope to continue to inspire while growing a thriving community that will support each other on their journeys. As long as you continue to inspire and support us, our babes will always be our number one priority! We believe in serving you with our best foot forward, so we have excellent in-house customer service to provide the best experience in the industry.

Remember, you're all beautiful and can do anything! We hope you all join us on this journey of growth!