Our Mission

Our Promise


We take a minimalist approach to style that always looks sexy. We make classic looks that are fashion-forward with the latest styles.

This is why we ventured into creating new and unique complete looks in our Arima Sets. By pairing our swimwear with luxury frames, we create a perfect match, elevating your whole style with a sexy aesthetic that will make you feel incredibly confident. We thought about every little detail to bring the sexiest style and the best value, all inspired by our community of swimwear in the Caribbean.



Our babes are our #1 priority as they are the ones who support us in building this wonderful community. We truly believe in embracing difference, as that is what makes our babes unique and beautiful. We are happy to have all different types of women in our club!

We value all of you and work hard to give you the best experience in the industry. Excellent in-house customer service, unbeatable value, and the sexiest styles!



We want women to feel empowered and confident enough to chase their dreams. You inspire us, so we want to give back. It's that simple.